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                        Mike and pamela Braach

Offering Obedience, PTSD and Service Dog Training

About Braach German Shepherds

We offer Training for obedience and Emotional support Therapy PTSD & Service dog training
Our focus is finding the right match between qualifying Veteran and a pup that has the temperament for service.

We have donated our first pup for a wounded veteran and watched his improvement after his long wait for his service companion so that he may have the assistance he needs for ambulation.

We have started a program to continue to donate a dog each year to meet the needs of Disabled  Veterans and Disabled Persons.


We are a small personal touch breeder. Our first Sire's and Dam, Rocky, Mac and Rebel have great temperaments. In 2015 we started Rocky and Rebel's pup Rocco and Raven. We have bred  for 7 years and found the greatest folks who have our pups. We stay in touch with most all of them and get updates and pictures.

Our puppies are well started and have daily interaction, starting with early stimulant exercises. We identify them with names and as they reach three weeks they begin wet food supplements and start climbing out to potty and explore -

By the time they are six-seven weeks, they have learned to accept a leash and have started learning about the great outdoors, common noises and some socialization. We pre-name them as our part in identifying each one and noting their temperaments to meet the needs of our buyers 

Our pups have served many needs and are capable of many tasks herding, ranchdogs, protection, companions 

for families especially with children, therapy and service dogs.

Mike and Pamela Braach



Angel Donated to Veteran to be his SD

Donated dogs                          

Lucca makes a difference


I am a disabled veteran of the Iraq war, and was introduced to Pam through the VA. Pam wanted to donate a German Shepherd as a service animal, and she chose me, to which I am extremely grateful. Pam knew which puppy would be the best fit, and she began the training before I was matched with her. Pam did an

amazing job. Dixie is very intelligent, caring and loyal. She absolutely loves kids, other animals, and is very inquisitive. The speed at which she learns commands and executes them is astonishing. Dixie is a wonderful dog, but an amazing service animal. When she dons her service vest, it is like she turns into superwoman. She knows it is time to work, and calms down immediately, and knows exactly what to do, how to behave, and what I need. Dixie has become.a part of our family. She is the perfect service animal, but an even better companion. Dixie is, by far, the most well behaved and intelligent dog I have ever known. Tim

Gracie   First elevator ride and trip to Costco

Dixie  walking in the parade 

trying out her vest     Learning  her first                                                                  Service task

Gracie first meeting her Veteran Justin and our meeting after a 2 week bonding period

Gracie at 9 mths old on the job

Sydneys sugar Emporium in drummond sponsored during their July Veterans Awareness in Honor of their fallen solder


Mount Marston Bike Rally eureka MT

A great event with food a band and entertainments raises over 3000.

     In Memory  Rocky                          Rebel                       

Raven and Rocco

 Rocky' brother Parker and Rebel


   Roccos sister calypso                      Gracies Sam

Raven cleans the highway

Training   all   Breeds

I began looking for help with my Blue Heeler Maggie when she was 3 months old. As a Vetran I was draawn to Pam because of the dedicationthey show to Veteran. Pam has been working with Maggie and I for over a yearnow. She has taken the time to research different techniques that work well with Blue Heelers and we've had great results. I believe I have learnedas much as Maggie and had alot of fundoing it.Pam uses one of her dogs or a Service Dog she is trainngduring our lessins and its made a big differenceMaggie interacts with other people and dogs. Pam has always been very accomadationscheduling sessions when I am not able to meet with her. The fees are very resonable andknowing part of it goes to helpingtrain a Veterans Service Dog is very gratifying.

Maggie is so agile and well socialized

Maggie and Rocco off leash heeling

     Double down stay

maggie May a Boz Shepherd

"Roscoe is wonderful! I could go on and on, but that sums it up. I will say that his temperament could not be better. His energy level is very high, not frenetic just an abundance of energy. As long as he is active each day he is calm when I want to be quiet. He has traveled (loves the beach), accompanied me to my office for boring sessions. He is respectful of Lewis, our 11 year old Pomeranian - they're buddies. He is great on and off the leash and he heels well which is useful in town. His personality and temperament is consistent with getting along with others but I think the socialization helped with his expectations". 

Roscoe as a puppy and adult

Raider thinks he is pretty cool and so do his kids

  This is Parker 19 months old. Best dog we have ever owned. He is loyal, friendly and protective, Best friend we could ask for.The work, love

and compasion Pam shows each puppy is evident right when you see them. We have owned 2 other Shepherds but Parker is truly special and we owe it all to Pam. Parker is the light of our life, we have never been happier with a dog.

We recommend if you are considering a German Shpeherd to your family, check with Pam first. You will not be dissapointed. Mark and Mary Wachsman

People often ask me" Are your dogs good with children?

Reign 18 months with Rebel and 3 week old pups.



Magnum hunts antlers and earns his own wages


Diabetic Alert training Service dog Academy 

7 week old pups from 2015

Miss Mandy 2014 She has her own toy box with toys she never shreds. She sleeps on care bear sheet with a picture of her boyfriend Hiccup on her wall

"Hey, just wanted to let you know the puppy is doing amazing, he has been such a huge blessing we love him very much. Thank you so much we couldn't have asked for a better dog". Jared

"Our Sophie is the sweetest dog! She is a beloved member of our family. She weighs a little over 100lbs but is gentle and loving. Sophie lays her head in our laps and looks at us with those big brown expressive eyes".

"Riley is doing very well, I love her to pieces. Her and her brother Roscoe have endless amounts of energy when they are together. We try and get them together at least twice a week to burn some of the energy off. Roscoe LOVES having his sister to play with. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle if you give her the chance. Her newest interest at home is our new baby girl who just turned 6 months. Riley is very good with her and hates when she cries. Riley is very petite and gorgeous. She is much smaller than her brother and is extremely lean. She loves being outside and patrolling the boundary of the yard or barking at the neighbor dog. She also loves a good tennis ball. She is a great dog and I really look forward to having her be a part of our growing family. I know she will continue to be a good dog. She is very obedient which makes my life easier when my other dogs are the exact opposite".

Riley as a pup                       Riley growing up                       2013

Aro 2013 

Ace 2013  Service Dog

Rhyker and KD 2014


               Mandy 2015

Mandy is an absolute delight. From the moment we picked her up at 8 weeks. She has filled every wish I have for a GSD. She was wel socialized and obvioulsy well loved. You were a great  Momma Rebel and raised a wonderful pup. Pam your caring attention to the pups you breed is evident right form the start. mandy is a loving, beautiful and quick to learn. Thank you,for the light of my life.

The moment you ask your 4 1/2 year old why she is crying and she says because she can't have her dog when she grows up because he is not allowed to leave the house and she has to move out. You wonder what you could have possibly said.

                          Sidney 2013

Sergent and his brother Bullet.

Opie 2014 We couldn't be happier with him Pamela! Apart from being gorgeous he is the best dog, his personality is priceless

Casey and Corinne

Tannerite therapy and Diabetic alert       

Gretchen in training

I don't know how to say this enough but thank you for not only letting us have 1 but 2 shepherds Pamela you've breed and raised incredible shepherd smart absolutely gorgeous funny, and I can't even tell you how many compliments we get on them and how many numbers we have sent and shepherds we've sold and it's because a lot of people say that a nice looking shepherd and they were talking about Tanner ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Rin Tin is just like tanner and even though Delgado isn't one of yours he is just like his daddy and his mom we get so many compliments on them and we can't thank you enough

I highly recommend Braach German shepherds I would say a 10 star lol The Kellys

Pedigrees   & OFA's

                                     Raven, Rocco, Rocky, Rebel  OFA's & DM's

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